Strategies on intellectual property

Bonac promotes its strategies on intellectual property jointly with business strategies and research and development strategies.
We implement the specific strategies on intellectual property with emphasis on the following two key points:

the patent for Bonac Nucleic Acid(nkRNA, PnkRNA, etc):Process patent / Formulation patent / DDS/Standardization patent / Other patent / Selection invention patent / Administration method patent / Use patent

1.Protection of products and pipelines

  • Ensuring acquisition of rights for API
  • Global patent application based on the market
  • Establishment of a patent portfolio to solidify the surrounding technologies
  • *We make effort in ensuring competitive advantage by protecting the products and pipelines with the patent for Bonac Nucleic Acid (substance patent) and various related patents.

2.Prolongation of the lifespan of products and pipelines

  • Implementation of life cycle management (LCM) through various patent applications
  • *We promote a strategy to submit various types of patent application for products and pipelines continuously, which essentially prolongs the exclusive protection period and delays the entry of competitive products.