Nucleic acid medicine

Next generation drugs using DNA and RNA
With research conducted in countries around the world.

Nucleic acid medicines are next generation drugs which use “nucleic acids” such as DNA and RNA. While research are being conducted on nucleic acid medicines in various countries around the world, Bonac has developed “Bonac Nucleic Acid” based on a novel approach.

What is nucleic acid medicine?

“Nucleic acid medicine” is a next generation drug discovery technology with a completely different mechanism of action to traditional pharmaceutical products.
It also features the ability to be manufactured easily with moderate sized molecules and the potential to exhibit efficacy and safety that surpasses those of the antibody medicines.
Due to these features, there is an expectation for nucleic acid medicines to be applied in cancer and hereditary disorders which were previously difficult to treat, as well as in illnesses such as influenza and viral infections.

New nucleic acid medicines developed by Bonac

Bonac Nucleic Acid

Bonac Nucleic Acid is characterized by its unique structure of single-stranded long-chain nucleic acid molecules,
which is different than the previously used siRNA. This structure not only improved stability of the drug in the body, but also enabled avoidance of innate immune response mediated by Toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3). Having overcome the issues associated with the previously used siRNA, Bonac Nucleic Acid is expected to become a new type of nucleic acid medicine.

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