Partnership and collaboration

License contract / capital alliance

Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

License contract and capital alliance for the manufacture and distribution of nucleic acid drug substance

Toray Industries

License contract and capital alliance for BNC-1021/TRK-250 with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis as the target disorder

FUJIFILM Corporation

Collaborative research and capital alliance for the liposomal formulation of nucleic acid drugs

Collaboration Research

Fukuoka Prefecture

Strategic collaboration to accelerate COVID-19 treatment drug development

Industry-academia collaborative laboratory

Donated Fund Laboratory of Advanced Medicine, Department of Molecular Pathology, Tokyo Medical University (head of laboratory: Professor Masahiko Kuroda)

Promoting drug discovery of nucleic acid medicine using the fundamental technology of RNA

Community collaborative donated fund laboratory

Department of Inflammology, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo (Project Associate Professor Hideyuki Yanai)

Promoting the research of molecular mechanisms relating to inflammatory and immune disorders

Comprehensive research collaboration

Kurume University (observer: Kurume City)

Comprehensive collaboration and cooperation in the area of research and development for next-generation drug discovery, thereby contributing to the advancement of medicine and medical care as well as the development of the industry and community.