Business details

Bonac is a research-driven biotechnology company
dedicated to advancing innovative RNA technology
to develop medicines that address unmet medical needs.

Bonac is engaged in business relating to Bonac Nucleic Acid as a unique platform technology. The areas of business are broadly divided into “manufacture of drug substances (manufacture of nucleic acid medicine drug substance)” and “pharmaceutical development (development of nucleic acid medicines and development support).”

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    Drug substances with high added valuesBusiness for the manufacture of drug substances

    In November 2013, Bonac licensed the manufacturing and distribution rights of Bonac Nucleic Acid and unique nucleic acid ingredients to Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited (hereinafter referred to as Sumitomo Chemical). The entry of Sumitomo Chemical, who has a long history and accumulated results in the manufacture of pharmaceutical drug substances, in the nucleic acid manufacturing market under collaboration with Bonac, is expected to lead to major contributions in the advancement of medical care using Bonac Nucleic Acid.

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    Initiating the creation of nucleic acid medicines in JapanBusiness in pharmaceutical development

    While nonclinical studies and clinical research is being conducted for many nucleic acid medicines by companies in Europe and the US, Japan is falling behind in its efforts for realization of nucleic acid medicines compared to these countries. However, our product Bonac Nucleic Acid is an innovative platform technology with no precedence, with patent registered in Japan, US, and Europe. We believe in our ability to strongly lead the way in creating nucleic acid medicines initiated in Japan.

Business model

We promote the development of nucleic acid medicines through means such as “joint research and development with pharmaceutical manufacturers,” “licensing of pharmaceutical development rights to pharmaceutical manufacturers,” and “in-house development.”

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