New area

Bonac is also developing new platforms by utilizing the previously developed original ingredients and the technology of synthesizing long chains.


It has been revealed that microRNA (miRNA) contributes to the degradation and translational suppression of target mRNA through interaction with mRNA. This is thought to be playing a particularly important role in the expression of higher function in life, including development, morphogenesis, and apoptosis.
This indicates that miRNA is a target substance for drug discovery with potential for the establishment of new treatment strategies. Bonac’s miRNA with an original structure was found to have higher activity in comparison to the miRNA precursor (Pre-miRNA).


Genome editing technology has been attracting attention recently, and research and development for application of this technology in the medical field is now in full progress
In particular, genome editing technology called CRISPR/Cas has characteristics of (i) quick, easy procedures with (ii) the ability to knock out multiple genes simultaneously and is expected to be useful in various areas including breed improvement and gene therapy. Meanwhile, long-chain RNA sgRNA is essential to CRISPR/Cas.

Bonac has fully utilized the experiences and technology of long-chain RNA synthesis accumulated up to now and developed an original sgRNA with high activity (patent pending). Since sgRNA, which is synthesized chemically, can be manufactured at higher purity and lower cost compared to enzyme synthesis, there is much expectation for expansion in the future.